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Brain Microvasculature Analytics Powered by Non-Invasive Hardware and AI

We've pioneered non-invasive technology for brain microvasculature analysis to understand complex adaptations to health, disease, exercise, and spaceflight, contributing to human longevity across time and space.

We merge microvasculature, neuroscience, computer science, biophysics, biomedical engineering and AI expertise to improve longevity across time and space

Our vision propels human health into the future, innovating today for tomorrow’s well-being. Pioneering in Space Flight, Education, Public Health, Exercise, Business, and Medicine, our core verticals are steering and guiding global leaders in a cross-planetary health revolution






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Our Business

Exercise Science

Augmenting human exercise and understanding microvasculature adaptations to excercise in health and disease


Understanding the effects of microgravity on astronauts' microvasculature is crucial for long-term space missions. Cerebrotrace's non-invasive monitoring tools are designed to track the health of brain and heart microvasculature in real-time, providing critical data to maintain astronauts' health and cognitive functions during space travel.

Public Health

Cerebrotrace is revolutionizing public health by leveraging AI to map and analyze the microvasculature system. Our technology aids in early detection of systemic health issues, enabling proactive measures against widespread diseases. By analyzing trends in brain and heart microvascular health, we empower public health officials to predict disease and craft effective preventative strategies.


Cerebrotrace delivers a competitive edge to businesses by providing AI-driven analytics of cardiovascular health markers. Our services facilitate workplace wellness programs, enhance employee productivity through better health insights, and guide development of health-focused products and services

Heart Development

Our innovative solutions are at the forefront of cardiac health, focusing on the development and monitoring of systemic microvasculature. Cerebrotrace's sensitive diagnostics can detect subtle changes and/or early signs of developmental conditions such as heart murmurs, enabling timely interventions for heart health.

Child Development

Cerebrotrace's advanced AI algorithms assess neurovascular development in children, providing insights into cognitive function and potential learning disabilities like ADHD. Our technology supports educational and developmental professionals by identifying high-level cognitive abilities and areas needing support, contributing to personalized educational strategies and enhanced learning outcomes.